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Meet: John Senac

The thought of collecting documentation for a roofing project or restoration can be overwhelming... From the initial product identification, to repair methods, and even compatibility of available products.

What if there was a professional that could provide expert opinions, and structured education?

You're in luck. John Senac is that professional. Providing the facts, documentation, and education that you need the most.

What is an Expert Witness, and how can John be helpful as one, within property claims?

Why would I consider John's training, if I'm already experienced with roofing?

What else can I learn from John, other than roofing topics?

An Investment, That Delivers

Training, consulting, and more, to deliver the roofing data you need, when you and your clients need it most.


Fact-based, unbiased expert opinions for roofing material identification, availability, and repair methods.


Group Classes

Structured, comprehensive courses. Best practices, methodology, and documentation for roofing systems.


Private Classes

Give your team the foundational, and advanced training they deserve. Individualized, private training courses.


You’ll Learn More, Than Just Product Knowledge

But, don't take John's word for it.

Here's what others just like you have to say:

Here’s a Preview of Some of The Things You'll Learn:

CertainTeed® Independence Shingle¹

vs. Basic 3 Tab Shingle

vs. Basic Laminate Shingle


Assess if specific shingles and other roofing system components work seamlessly together... Or not.


Determine if a shingle or other roofing material is discontinued, or if a compliant option is available.


Employ and document objective repair attempts, to evaluate the repairability of a roofing system.

The Innovative C.A.R. Approach

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